Frequently Asked Questions

A typical repair will be completed in two business days. It can take longer depending on the amount of repairs needed and parts availability, or if we are cosmetic or hardware damage. You will receive an estimated timeframe of repair along with your final quote before we begin work on your device.

Once you have selected the Model of drone you are sending in for repair you will see a list of options with various descriptions of common issues along with an estimate of what these repairs typically cost. Once we receive your drone we will send you a final quote for the repair. This quote should be close or exactly match the quote generated on the website if the selection was accurate. Keep in mind that Shipping and Taxes will add to your total.

Once we have completed the repairs on your device, we will send an invoice through PayPal to the email address provided during your checkout. This allows you to pay via debit, credit or paypal funds.

Click on the repair my device button and select the make and model of your device. Then select the option that best describes your issue. Once you have completed all of the steps, enter in an address and generate your shipping label.