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A little more about us

What is is a small independent drone repair business focused on quality and customer service. Our mission is to provide a cost effective way to repair your camera drone in a timely manner while taking the guesswork out of the repair cost and hassle out of the repair process. We specialize in DJI drones and offer services for nearly every make and model.

how FastDroneRepair works

how FastDroneRepair works

How does it work?

The process to repair your drone is quick and easy. Start by clicking “Repair My Drone” and we’ll provide a cost estimate based on the current cost of parts and our labor fee associated with the selected repair. Once selected, click “Mail-in For Repair” to generate a prepaid label.

When we receive your drone our technicians will confirm the complete cost of repair with you and will await your approval before beginning work on your device. Once approved we will complete the repair, test your device and send an invoice. Our service is fast and reliable, allowing you to get back in the air without any hassle.